Kaily's Korner

      One day there was a new game called Candyland. Henry wanted that game so bad. He had enough money, so he went to the store. When he got home he invited his friend Alex. They played candyland. When it was time for Alex to go, henry walked Alex home. They walked just a block when a gate appeared that said To candyland. The two kids looked at each other, “Should we go in?” Asked Alex. Henry said, “Yes, it will be fun.” They slowly walked through the gate. Suddenly a chocolate sidewalk with lollipops on the side appeared. They saw gingerbread houses with gumdrop chimneys, candy cane fences, and smarty stepping stones. The trees were made of candy cane and coconut. The people’s clothes were made of melted chocolate. Then a person said,”You must be the people who get to live in Candyland. Your house is over there.”  They looked around in their house and loved it. They loved  the candy so much they almost ate it. Their new school was awesome.  All they had was candy. One day the king came and said, ”Someone is not wearing chocolate clothes.” The boys hid. The king looked around. He saw them. The boys shivered because they ate their chocolate clothes. The king said, ”You there, why aren’t you wearing your chocolate clothes?”  The boys said quietly, ”We ate them.” The king looked cross. ”You must be thrown out unless you get some more and wear them.”  The boys said shivering, ”Ok.” The boys went to the store, but they were out of chocolate clothes. They got all the candy they could fit in their pockets and ran out. They eat a piece every night and every night they go back when the king is fast asleep.


One day there was a little girl named Amanda. She wanted to be a movie star. At school she saw a flyer for a famous actor named Olivia in a movie. Amanda was so excited. She ran home to ask her parents if it’s ok. They said “yes” .  Amanda was so excited she practiced the rest of the day. The audition was tomorrow.  The next day her parents surprised her with a pretty pink dress and high heels.  Amanda loved it. She got dressed and hurried to her audition. Wen she got there everyone whispered look at that girl. Amanda didn’t know what they  were talking about she just waited her turn. When it was her turn she did it perfect. She sung beautifully she got into the movie. She got in tons more she became famous.

   One day a monster followed me to school. It was 120 feet tall. It said, his name is Mr. chocolate. It was made of chocolate. I kept it as a pet. I thought it was cute. I didn’t like it when he ate the school and the house. He didn’t like it, so he spit it out. I had to help pay for a new house so I didn’t get a toy with my money. I didn’t like Mr. chocolate when he ate the town. I threw him out. The next day we moved.  The monster came back. He wanted some chocolate. When he  got his chocolate he left. The next day somebody ate our school.

One day I was walking home from school.I  went to my bedroom to do my homework.When I got there an elephant was in my bedroom.It ate my homework.I dicided to keep it as a pet.When I got to school my teacher didn`t believe an elephant ate my homework.I had to stay after school.Then I wanted to get rid of the elephant,because It would eat my homework every day.When I got home I tried to get it out of my bedroom.I tried to push it,feed it,catch it,and squirt it,but it would not get out of my bedroom.I finaly called the zoo for help.They got it out of my bedroom.It was happy at the zoo where it belonged.

At school I won the Citizenship Award

for the second grade. Last year I

won the Citizenship Award for first


The principal said the citizenship

award is the best award a student

can win for the year.

We voted for a boy and a girl who we

thought had been the best citizen all


We had an awards ceremony. The

principal called out the best

citizens from each class. My name was

called out!

I was really excited as I walked  up

front and held my award. 

My Nana picked me up from school.

We went by my house and picked up

 my brother michael.

When we got to her house she took some

pictures and I wrote this story.

                     The end 

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   Hunting the Candy Monster

by Kaily Harris

     One day in candy land a monster moved in. No one noticed. The monster stole chocolate. After he moved in he wanted some chocolate. He went to a candy store and robbed it. The store owner  was scared. He called the police. When the police tracked the monster down they were scared. The police ran away screaming. The monster wanted more candy. He found a house made out of candy. Nobody was there. The monster ate the house. When the people that lived in the house got home they were mad. They called the police. The police came. They found the monster. They were scared.The monster was still hungry. He saw a little girl eating chocolate. He took the chocolate from the girl. She called the police. The police found the monster. They were scared. The monsters tummy hurt. He never stole chocolate again.

                                                                                                                               The End

                                                                   A Valentine for Cristle

by Kaily Harris

There  were three little girls named Christy, Cristle, and Sara.  Cristy  and Sara  wanted to surprise Cristle by  throwing  a surprise party for Valentine’s Day.  Cristy and Sara invited Cristle’s friends.  Then they made a valentine.  They cut out a big heart and they glued lace on it.  Then they wrote Happy Valentine’s Day!Cristle went shopping so it was the perfect time for Cristy and Sara  to sneak over to Cristle’s house.  All of Cristle’s  friends came.  When Cristle got home she was surprised.  Everybody gave Cristle a valentine.  Cristle loved the one from Christy and Sara the best.

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